Grimaud Farms - Duck and Guinea fowl products

Oak Ridge Farm - Ostrich and Emu products

Most of these suppliers process and sell meats for people without AG, which means that you need to look into the ingredients, for example, duck sausage in a pork casing is generally a no-go.  Know and understand the products that you are ordering and watch out for mammal ingredients.

D'Artagnan - Duck and other poultry products

Amaroo Hills Emu Farm - TN  - Emu products by AGK member

Gulick The Emu - Emu products

Ostrich Coop of Iowa - Ostrich products

Hilltop Ostrich Farm - Emu products

Kalaya Emu Estates - Emu products

Pekin Paradise - Duck Products

Maple Leaf Farms - Duck products

Fossil Farms - Ostrich, Duck and other poultry

AG Online Suppliers

Amaroo Hills Emu Farm - NC - Emu products by AGK member